We offer technical support in Screen-Mask Making and Screen Printing Technology.

ASADA MESH provides The Fine and Strongest Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.

ASADA MESH has established a "Screen Printing Center of Excellence" in Kagoshima to provide Technical Support. We help all of our clients understand and implement High Quality Screen Printing.
First, we help you select the best Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and then we teach you the best Screen Making Techniques.

We also perform Screen Printing Experiments with our newly developed Stainless Steel Meshes to fulfill special application needs in areas like Photovoltaics or Touch Panel Ag electrodes.

Steps in the Screen Manufacturing Process!

We are offering various types of training programs of Screen Mask Making from a beginner to experienced engineers.
1. Stretching
Place the stainless mesh on the frame.
2. Emulsion Coating
Coat photo-sensitive emulsion onto the mesh.
3. Exposure
Place the photo-mask on top the emulsion (substrate side) and expose.
4. Developing
Remove the unexposed-emulsion by washing with water (utilizing a spray gun)

Evaluating and verifying a printing result is also possible!

Asada Mesh has supported a wide range of Screen Printing areas such as Solar Cells and Touch Panel Displays. We continue to provide cutting-edge Screen Printing Technology information all over world, cooperating with Universities, Research Institutions, Screen-makers, Paste makers and Electronics Manufacturers.
Asada Mesh Technical Experts can suggest changes to further improve the Printed Results.

Printed result can be analyzed immediately!

Printed results can be analyzed with an Electron Microscope or 3D measuring device.
3D measuring device
Electron Microscope

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